To ensure that your design will be clear and easy to read in print, we recommend that you make sure that the lines have a minimum thickness of 0.2 pts, and the optimal thickness is 0.33 pts.

To make sure the text looks good, we recommend at least 2.25 pts to make it legible.

For plans, the 24" x 36" and 36" x 48" formats are the most popular with our customers.

For patterns, the most popular format is A0.
We accept plans in PDF format only.

It is generally possible to print on a larger format without any significant loss of quality, as long as the enlargement is no more than twice as large. 

For example, taking a 24" x 36" plan and enlarging it to 36" x 48" would be possible.

However, taking an 11" x 17" plan and enlarging it to 36" x 48" would be risky. 

As the enlargement takes place directly in the machine, we don't see the result of the enlargement until it's printed. It's always best to ask the person who designed the plan to provide it in the desired format for printing.

No, we can't calculate the scale of a blueprint/sewing pattern. It's up to you and the person creating your plan/pattern to plan the format to be printed.


Please contact us via the contact form, and if it's not too late, we'll be able to modify your order.

If the order is not already in production, we can cancel it.

Please note that our orders are put into production extremely quickly, so that we can deliver them to you as quickly as possible.

All orders are printed only for you and are therefore final sales.

Simply send us photos of the packaging and the product in question to et and our team will be able to reprint it.


Generally, all orders are processed within 24 hours (weekdays). We offer a local delivery service for Montreal, the North Shore and Laval, as well as a fast delivery service for the rest of Canada (1-2 business days).

Of course, we're also at the mercy of shipping services, but we work with our partners to ensure a pleasant experience.

All orders $75+ are shipped free of charge. If your order value is less than this amount, the cost of delivery will be shown in the shopping cart according to your address.


Yes, you can find out more by visiting our Resale Program page.

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